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Media Composition - ( Jingles ) - Coming Soon!

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Instructor : Arjuna Harjai This is an upcoming programme. Release date will be announced soon. For any media composer, composing music for jingles is one of the most financially rewarding service that one can offer. Catering to the advertising industry is challenging and requires spontaneous creativity which is extremely intimidating even for an expert musician. With the experience of composing over 500 jingles in the ad-film industry, composer/producer Arjuna Harjai will share the entire process of creating music for jingles from scratch, no matter weather you are a beginner or an expert this course will provide an in-depth insight of how things work in the world of advertising. In this course Arjuna will create a brand song from scratch for an ongoing project and shed light on how to deal with client briefs, ideation process, rejection, rework, music arrangement/production, harmonies, counterpoints, editing, final submissions and the business aspects of this industry. You will also get to understand the industry terminology and create a competitive rate-card for composing jingles for top agencies and brands. This course covers the creative process from start till the end and does not require a particular skill set from the participants. Note: This is not a training program for operating a DAW. Prior knowledge of using a recording software will help you even better even though its not a prerequisite for this course.

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