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Becoming a parent is the best feeling in the world!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Our parents always tell us " You will know when you become a parent " and we never take them seriously! But trust me its true!!! The day you find out that you are going to be a father/mother everything about you will change.

The Day We Discovered

When we discovered that we are pregnant we were damm excited and filled with tears of joy. All of a sudden everything changed, the way we perceive life itself changed drastically and our care free lifestyle started to slip into oblivion. We became much more attentive, cautious and responsible. Next day we started looking for a good gynaecologist and after much consideration, recommendation and research we met Dr. Shilpa Bansal, her clinic was just a a few miles way. We were advised to get a sonography done and luckily we got an appointment that day itself at NM Diagnostic center in Andheri west.

No Journey Is Easy

Every journey comes with a set of its own problems. Everything was great and we were all set to fly to delhi on 19th of feb to attend my cousins wedding. We planned that we will do the next sonography session in delhi itself. While meditating the next morning I got a feeling that may be we should get to sonography done before we fly therefore booked our appointment at NM Center for the next day. We were all chilled out as everything was going smoothly and the previous scans did not indicate any complications. This time was different, this scan revealed that the cervix had already started dilating in the 3rd month and this was a matter of great concern. We then immediately consulted our doctor and were advised to schedule Mc Donald Surgery at the earliest. We were extremely scared and all our plans had to be put on fault. We cancelled all our tickets and on 19th of feb Divya went into surgery to get the Mc Donald stitch. As a consequence she had to take complete bed rest for the remaining tenure of the pregnancy.

Our Lockdown started in February

This was a very difficult time and we were extremely scared and extra cautious the entire time. Divya had to get weekly shots to expedite baby's growth because even after the surgery there was a good chance that the stitch may not be able to hold beyond the 7th month and we were at a high risk of a premature delivery. Luckily due to the nature of my work I was able to spend a lot of time with her, we were in this together. We binged on Netflix, talked to each other, heard some amazing music and did everything to make the best out of this situation. We literally made lemon juice with the limes that life threw at us.

My 8 days in silence ( Samayama )

On the parallel I was preparing for my Samaya meditation since September 2019 and had to be at the Isha Yoga Center for this 8 day program which was to be attended in complete silence and no communication with the outside world. Due to the situation I was in two minds whether to do it or not but Divya encouraged me and said you have invested 6 months with utter dedication towards the prerequisite of maintaining a vegan and satvik diet and practicing yoga and meditation for 3 to 4 hrs everyday and I don't want this preparation to go waste, you must go ahead with this as its really important for your individual journey. Her courage helped me decide and finally I went to ashram on the 28th of feb. Divya was in good company, my parents and her mother were there to make sure she gets everything that she needs meanwhile I went off the radar in complete silence for 8 days. It was a life changing experience and I was not the same person I was eight days ago. This a a topic in itself.

The Pandemic

I was extremely lucky the the timelines were perfectly alined. I reached mumbai on 10th of march and on 12th march the lockdown was announced. It was a good decision to not extend my stay at the ashram. I mostly end up extending my stays but this time I wanted to get back home to my wife asap and this was a good step. The lockdown further enabled me to spend more and more time with Divya. The only went out for our doctors visit and sonography.

Time the greatest healer

Months passed by and we were extremely blessed that our pregnancy matured full term.

Upon our last checkup we were advised to be admitted for an expected delivery on the 9th or 10 of July.

In this Vlog we share with you the best day of our lives, birth of our baby "Avyukt "

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nature lover
nature lover
19 de jan. de 2022

Hii Arjuna sir, I hope u, divya di and keechu are doing well. I am one of your subscriber on youtube. I am here to discuss my problem with u guys. I am suffering from mental illness. Severe depression and a severe OCD problem from the past 4 years. I am a postgraduate but due to my mental illness I couldn't continue my job. From 2 years I staying at home only. Now I left my parent's home because of this issue. Now I don't have a place to live , no food, and no job. Please help me whatever u can. From the past 1 week I m surviving on drinking water and a packet of biscuit for a…


Wow.. No doubt Avayukt is Adiyogi's blessing to you both.. Lots of love to Keechu <3


abhishek soni
abhishek soni
08 de mai. de 2021

Lots of love to you and your family. 💖🤗

I appreciate your dedication towards anything you do...

Keep smiling...

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